Montag, 24. Januar 2011

So: What's next?

After all the excitement of the first flight I needed a break! Actually I am planning a second flight, but I have concerns about the relative difficult landing zones situation here in Switzerland.
My overall new specs are:
-          Same weight class of about 1500g
-          Same balloon, but with less free lift
-          Perfect center of gravity setup
-          2 or 3 isolated capsules looking at each other, connected by carbon fiber rods
-          Live LCD with flight info on video  and/or OSD.
-          Long range telemetry (868 MHz, 500mW with a 17dbi rx antenna)
-           More or less same camera setup + 2 additional 720p video
-          2 Tracker of the same – reliable – type
-          Better GPS module for the Data-Log
-          Additional sensor (particle).
-          Check the battery setup. Some batteries where still full while other dropped under 3.3V. I think a voltage regulator is the better solution here than single Li-Po’s.  Sadly I didn’t noted what battery was connected to what device.
Optional planned (maybe for 3rd flight)
-          Steerable parachute with Autopilot board. So I set give a safe landing zone while the capsule is coming down. As Auto-Pilot I will use an Ardu-Pilot baord.
-          GSM-model connected to the log-board. I want to have more information by SMS if the live data-link is down. A better GSM antenna should give me a GSM connection from min. 3’000m off ground. A Siemens TC35 –module on and Arduino (maybe the main-board) would do the job.
-          An UART camera connected to the data-link. So I can have live low-res images.
… to be continued

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